3 Ways to Improve Commercial Door Safety and Security


15 June 2022



When selecting doors for a commercial setting, safety and security are critical factors that shouldn’t be overlooked. Every commercial door must provide the appropriate security and safety measures required for its setting – from apartment blocks and student accommodation to offices and hospitals – specific buildings have particular functional requirements.

Here at Select Door and Frame, we’re experts in supplying commercial doors in a range of settings. We can help building developers identify the ideal safety features they require in their buildings, as well as delivering and installing all hardware to the highest industry standards.

When specifying commercial doors, we take into account the functional requirements of each door, as well as the aesthetic design scheme for the building. From metal entry doors and external fire doors, to  steel-stiffened interior doors and fire-rated glazed doors; commercial doors come in all shapes and sizes and can be fitted with additional security features like locks, chains and bars when required.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the key elements of security doors, paying attention to safety design features, security add-ons and sharing some of our tips for improving commercial door safety and security measures.
Door security in commercial building

Steel-Stiffened Doors

Steel-Stiffened Door
Steel-stiffened doors utilize steel internal structures with reinforced hinges. These security-first design features resist heavy usage and provide durability and strength. Designed to resist localised impacts or vandalism, such as withstanding heavy usage in settings like school changing rooms, steel-stiffened doors are ideal for settings that experience a little more wear and tear.

Depending on the style and model, security doors are often reinforced with steel strips running through the core of the door. Available in a stunning range of materials, glazes and finishes, steel-stiffened doors are a durable choice suitable for installation in all types of commercial buildings.

Heat Resistance

Heat resistant emergency exit doors
Another key safety feature on doors is heat and fire resistance. When specifying and supplying doors for commercial buildings, it’s critical to consider fire safety standards and requirements. Fire-rated doors typically provide fire-rating durations of 20 minutes to three hours and are identified by a permanent label fixed near the inside hinge of the door, often hidden from view.

If you’re searching for fire-resistant doors, they are most likely to be constructed from wood or steel. However, it’s worth noting that steel doors hold higher fire-ratings due to the non-combustible nature of the material, whereas wooden fire-resistant doors usually contain a non-flammable gypsum core. If fire safety standards are relevant on your upcoming project, we recommend working with an experienced commercial door supplier who can advise you on the details around fire-rating durations, materials and finishes.


Security door locks
Commercial locks are graded based on rigorous testing programmes and standards. Defined by the ANSI/BHMA grading systems for locks produced and sold within North America, commercial lock grades fall between heavy-duty locks and basic residential locks. Depending on the location of the door and level of security required, locks are available in a range of formats and functions such as deadbolts, mortise locks and keyed entry knobs/levers. The three ANSI Grades are as follows:

ANSI Grade 1: Heavy-duty commercial security locks designed for high traffic and superior security. These locks are most commonly used in commercial and industrial applications.

ANSI Grade 2: Typically for residential security or low commercial grade; designed to offer superior security and durability for homes and light commercial use.

ANSI Grade 3: Basic residential security locks.

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