Our 5-Step Process to Making a Commercial Door


30 August 2022



Ever wondered how a commercial door is put together? Wonder no more. Here’s a 5-point overview, complete with behind-the-scenes pictures, of the Select Doors process in progress.

1. So, first things first, the slab door arrives at our shop in its raw state.

a door slab that has not been worked on

2. We take hollow metal and steel doors to one side of the shop to get them prepped – here’s our teammate Broyden working on a hollow metal door.

Wooden doors are prepped on the other side of the shop.

3. Next, our carpentry or welding experts create cut-outs for hinges, handles and door viewers…

… then add lite kits, as per the spec.

4. And then it’s onto the sanding process to remove any blemishes or rough edges

5.Finally, we carefully package up the finished door and get it ready for loading and delivery to its final destination.


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