How to Clean Your Commercial Doors

Store Window Of Coffee Shop With Table, Green Chairs In Front Of Shop And Brick Wall Background.

Why Cleaning Commercial Doors is SO Good for Business When looking after a commercial space, it can be easy for building managers to overlook the doors. But this hard-working, often over-looked, crucial fixture should be a No 1 priority. Commercial doors are gateways to your business; entryways to public spaces and high-functioning rooms – with … Read more

Fire-Rated Doors: All You Need to Know

Close up of fire door with sign, keep shut

What are fire-rated doors? As the name would suggest, fire-rated doors – or ‘fire doors’ – are created to withstand the effects of a fire and can survive a lot longer than the best ordinary doors. Fire doors serve two vital functions in every commercial and large residential building – from restaurants to care homes, … Read more